Conforto High Efficency Condensing UCS240 Residential and Light Commercial Wall Hung or Floor Standing Boiler

Versatile and powerful Conforto UCS240 Gas Boiler

• 95% AFUE
• Energy Star certified
• Small footprint for out of the way installation
• Available in wall hung and floor standing models with optional floor base kit
• Venting: 3 or 5 inch diameter with coaxial venting and 3 inch with 2-pipe venting
• LABOR SAVER Manifold included: The pre-manufactured primary/secondary piping helps save time and money on the job site
• Optional indirect tank connection
• Continuous calibration with articifical intelligance (AI) control
• Multiple Boiler packages are available: Pair the UCS240 with a staging control allows staging of 2 to 4 boilers