MAC-150 – Conforto MAC-150 High Efficiency Combi Condensing Gas Boiler

Versatile and powerful Conforto MAC-150 Gas Boiler

• 95% AFUE
• Gas adaptive technology automatically detects the type of gas being used, LP or Natural
• Small footprint for out of the way installation
• Available floor standing or wall hung
• Continuous calibration with articifical intelligance (AI) control

KLC-100 – Conforto High Efficiency KLC-100 CHE 95%+ Lowboy Rear Breech Oil Furnace

Ultra-efficient and economical Conforto KLC-100 Oil Furnace

• Energy Star certified at all firing rates
• Get more comfort with a more even heat and a quicker, more precise response to a call for heat from the thermostat
• Annual efficiency of 96.7%
• High efficiency ECM blower motors
• Due to its non-refractory combustion chamber and tubular secondary heat exchangers, there is greater ease of maintenance
• Gain versatility with certification for conversion to a gas burner (88 + series)

Conforto KLE Series Electric Furnace

Compact, versatile, and 100% efficient Conforto KLE Series Electric Furnace

• Guaranteed comfort with a modulation function which maintains the desired ambient temperature at all times
• A full range of models and heating capacities are available to match the needs of the home
• Granby provides a 5-year parts warranty for peace of mind
• Software defined electronic controls compatible with today’s smart thermostats
• Readily adaptable to several configurations of heating and/or air conditioning
• Conforto electric furnaces have functions that minimize their electricity consumption which saves the customer money
• CONFORTMAX modulation analyzes every heating cycle in real time and adapts its heating output accordingly
• Electricity being renewable, it’s an environmentally safe and sustainable source of energy for home heating
• Available with a PSC or ECM fan blower motor
• Simplified installation when replacing a lowboy oil-fired appliance

LO TRIM II Hydronic Baseboard 4FT Complete Pack

A low profile, high efficiency, easy to install, hydronic baseboard radiant heat system. 4ft length with ¾ inch copper/aluminum element.
• Durable galvanized steel enclosure
• Fully modulating damper with thermodynamic design
• Easy Install – “Clip-and-Go” clip-on hangers perfectly aligned for element and return pipe
• Press-Fit Aluminum fins remain tight if cutting is required
• Cove Bottom – Easy-to-clean curved base back panel

Canalplast Lineset Cover Kit

Cutting tool specially designed for the easy cutting of trunking
• For use with trunking with snap-on covers
• Rugged design for exceptional durability
• Notches built-in to make cutting trunking easy