Warranty Information

Everything you need to know about the warranty.
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Unit Replacement Warranty

Morden National Technical Service has authorized the entire unit to be replaced.
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Unit Repair Warranty

Replacement of a heat exchanger for an eligible unit. See Terms and Conditions for requirements.
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Service Part Warranty

Purchased service part or kit that has failed. Failure within 12 months from date of purchase.
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Seek and Mortex

Contact Morden National Sales and Marketing to complete RMA.
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Unit Repair Warranty

Repair of an installed unit (i.e. furnace, boiler, air conditioner)
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Terms & Conditions

Prior Approval Required.

All returns for warranty claim must be approved by Morden National and require a Return Material (RM) # prior to return of the material.

Heat Exchanger Warranty.

Once we receive your request for a heat exchanger warranty we will contact you and request the following:

  1. A picture of the existing heat exchanger which exhibits the failure.
  2. Service records for the appliance as stated in the Installation and Operation Manual supplied with the unit.
  3. Proof of original ownership by the homeowner.

Return Authorization Expiration.

Once the RM # is issued, the product must be returned within 90 days of the RMA date, or the RM will be cancelled. Products approved for return that are received after 90 days from RMA issue date will not be accepted.

Shipping and Packaging.

All warranty returns must have all paperwork and the RM # clearly displayed on the exterior of the package, or the package will be declined

  • All returns must be shipped prepaid by the customer unless otherwise directed by Morden National
  • Ship all approved return material to the location indicated on the RM Verification

Warranty Replacement Part.

If a warranty replacement part is desired it must be indicated on the RM Request Form. A PO# is required for the replacement shipment and must be indicated on the Warranty Request Form. All replacement parts will be invoiced at time of shipment. Please fax or email your purchase order to customer service. Tag your purchase order Advanced Warranty.

Application of Warranty Credit.

Credit for returned warranty parts will be applied to the customer’s account only after confirmation of receipt by Morden National and inspection of the product. Warranty credit issued for components of finished goods whose replacements were not purchased through Morden will be credited at 70% of Morden National’s net price.

Note: Customers who have received prompt payment discounts will receive credit for the amount paid after discount. Morden will review the payment record prior to issuing the credit. For more information please contact Morden National directly.

Complete and Return the warranty claim form found below

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Review the Return Material Process Document

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