Heating Innovation - Introducing BAXI Boilers

Morden National Sales and Marketing Inc. is proud to now offer Baxi boilers and accessories to our Canadian consumers. Morden National now inventories Baxi boilers in Canada. Baxi Boiler pairs a strong heritage of industry leading technology with “THINK Intelligence within control”, higher AFUE ratings, reliable product performance, all at a competitive price to the end user. Backed by an industry leading warranty for both homeowners and installers, Baxi adds value no matter where you are located in the supply chain. Supporting intelligent homes and encased in a modern design, Baxi central heat boilers will keep you and your family warm during our harsh Canadian winters and our Baxi Combi boilers will fulfill your domestic hot water requirements with an endless supply of hot water.

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Morden National Sales and Marketing Inc. is a Canadian Master Representative Sales and Marketing agency that is proud to distribute high quality, industry leading HVACR and plumbing products to our second step distribution channel partners across Canada. With over 30 years of industry experience and relationships within the Canadian plumbing and heating market, Morden National can help your company establish and grow your unfair market share across the Dominion of Canada.

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