Conforto Absolute Efficiency AT Series AT400010C Two-Piece Electric Boiler System

Compact, Versatile, and 100% Efficient Conforto AT Series AT400010C Wall-Hung Two-Piece Electric Boiler System

*Required a multi-boiler control to run multiple boilers together in the same system*
• Two-piece boiler system consisting of two AT204510C electric boilers
• 100% Efficient
• Contains 4 elements
• Compact and light weight wall hung design
• Zero emission, green alternative
• Built in brown out protection and safety monitoring
• Ideal for hom heating systems, radiant system applications requiring special temperature settings and for use as a back-up heat source for solar and heat pump applications
• Advanced microprocessor control: safely and efficiently controls the elements by monitoring the relay contacts that power the elements
• Advanced load managing controller: Gives you the option to allow your utility or electric co-op to remotely control the boiler, reducing peak demands
• Proven one piece cast iron heat exchanger